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Why should I use to sell my property?

We built to solve the numerous problems with the way property is currently bought and sold i.e. via a traditional estate agent. is a true Property Marketplace that:

Is Very Cost Effective: The big one. Contrary to popular belief, most estate agents don't earn big salaries, but the proliferation of estate agents and the inefficiencies of the model mean they have to charge the exorbitant commissions just to stay afloat.
Which isn't fair. You should pay for what you're getting, not what estate agencies need to make profit. And currently you're paying way too much. 
We charge a flat fee of R29,500 (excl. VAT) and it's only payable on sale.

Provides Peerless Marketing of Your Property: We focus on and invest heavily in online marketing, beyond simply "its on Property24". In a sentence, your property needs to be beautifully presented in the most visible positions on the highest traffic sites. 
We'll ensure the presentation is perfect by using our professional photographers, drones for aerial shots and a virtual tour.

Gets You Better Offers: You're paying an agent to get the best possible price for your property. But it's often better for the agent if you accept a lower, safer offer than if you hold out for a higher one.
Remember, the agent won't get paid anything if that higher offer that doesn't materialise. Or worse still(for the agent), if you accept a better offer via another agent, in which case the mandate is lost for good.
On you are in full control of all offers made and can decide at the touch of a button which offer you want to accept(if any).
More importantly, buyers can see exactly what offers have been submitted, so they can improve their bid if they see a more competitive offer has been made.

Is Super-Convenient: We live in a connected world where nearly all buyers and sellers are connected to the internet and have smart phones. So why not move as much, if not all the process online and make it accessible via your phone. Which does: accept or reject offers (including messaging buyers) for your property, make changes to your listing (e.g. price), schedule viewings and much more 24/7 from anywhere.

Is Secure: It simply isn't safe to be letting strangers into your house. So we verify potential buyers before they can come and view your property.

Is Transparent: Sellers are known to favour the agent that tells them their house is worth the most, thinking the agent will be able sell for that price. So it is tempting for an agent to over-price your property to secure a sole mandate.
But being overpriced, the property is ignored by buyers at a time when it has the most impact - when it's just been listed. The long time-on-market and inevitable price reduction creates a negative image for the property, which in turn risks the sale price you eventually achieve.
We use the same valuation reports used by traditional estate agents. More importantly, you can use our Property Sales Price tool which shows you exactly what was sold near you and for how much. You can then make an informed decision about the asking price for yourself!

How do I start?

You can start by listing your property directly on our site, or if you prefer, we'll send a local area consultant to your home to explain how the process works and help you with a market appraisal. If you're keen to proceed, the consultant will arrange for professional photographs and drone footage to be taken and complete the listing process on your behalf.

Call 0860 000 777 (Monday to Friday, 7am - 7pm) or Whatsapp us anytime on  076 931 6889

Would I get a more for my property if I use a traditional estate agent?

Absolutely not. For 2 important reasons:

  1. Our online offer system ensures you get competitive offers for your property and
  2. We charge a flat fee of R29,500 (excl. VAT) if we sell your property. Traditional estate agents charge up to 7.5% on the sale price! With a lot more of the amount paid for the property is going to you, not the estate agent.
Calculate how much more you will nett

A traditional estate agent says they have a buyer ready to make an offer or a database of buyers looking for a place just like mine. Can this be true?

Estate agents often use the lure of a buyer ready to sign on the dotted line to get a sole mandate.

It can be true, but it's unlikely. Otherwise these properties wouldn't need to be advertised online because they'd already been sold to buyers in these databases. However there are literally hundreds of thousands of properties advertised on property portals like Property24, so sales via these "databases" seem very much the exception.

In reality, the vast majority of buyers find their properties online, which is our area of speciality.

How will you market my property ?

By ensuring that all potential buyers see it. Your properties will appear on and the property portals (including Property24 and Private Property). Which a good estate agent should also do for you. 

Where we differ is that we optimise your advert for each website so that it receives maximum exposure on each and every site. Where sites like high definition photos we provide them, if another ranks listings with videos higher, we'll ensure yours has a great video. In the case of we will use paid advertising on Google and Facebook to target buyers to view your property using a variety of tools.

Finally to close the loop we also run print advertising for certain properties where we think the print audience is a good fit for your property.

My property is already on the market. Can I still use

Definitely! Unless you have a sole mandate (where you've given an estate agent exclusive rights to market your property), in which case you will usually have to wait until the mandate expires before we can sell your property for you. 

What happens when someone makes an offer on my property?

You will be notified immediately (via email & SMS), and will be able to see all the conditions attached to the offer. In addition, any other buyers who have also made an offer will be notified in case they would like to improve their offer.

You can then accept or reject the offer online, or just tell us and we will do it on your behalf. You also have the option to message the buyer with any feedback on the offer.

What happens once I've accepted an offer?

We manage the whole process from accepted offer to transfer for you. Our legal team will take over and keep you informed every step of the way.

Who will sell my property for me?

A dedicated team gets allocated to your property to manage the entire process from listing to transfer, with constant feedback throughout the process.  See what our customers say...

What is included in your fee?

Absolutely everything. There are no hidden fees, no upfront charges, just one fixed fee of R29,500 (excl. VAT) on successful sale.

How do viewings work?

Viewings are set up with buyers online or via one of our consultants. They can be either:

  • Open: where a number of interested parties can attend at the same time or
  • Private: where only one buyer comes to see your property
We recommend that your open viewing(s) are hosted by one of our consultants. You may however opt to conduct the private viewings yourself if it is more convenient.
As mentioned above, we verify buyers attending your private viewings by checking their phone/email and photo/Facebook profile. So you know who will be visiting your home.

How do I know the right price for my property?

You can start by looking on our site at the Sold Property Prices tool which shows you what properties have sold for in your area, so you can get a clear indication of the value of your property in comparison.
We will also provide you with a market appraisal and advise you based on our experience. Once your property is listed, we will give you all feedback from potential buyers and work with you to make any changes if necessary.

What is meant by professional photography ?

Great images help to sell a property and we  want to give potential buyers as much of a taste of your property as possible before they schedule a viewing - saving you time and effort. Our drone shots and videos enable remote buyers to be able to view the property without visiting it. And it all comes at no cost to you.

How long does it take to get my listing live?

We're ready to list your property as soon as you are. Once we have photographs, we can activate your listing, so it's just a matter of when it suits you for our  photographers to pop round. 

How long is my property online for?

Until we sell it! It's difficult to say how long a property will be on the market for, but if your property is priced right, we believe it should sell within 3 months.
If at any stage you feel that we aren't delivering what we promised, you are free to withdraw your property obligation-free.

Can I make changes to my listing ?

Of course! Either log onto your profile (which we'll create for you when we set up your listing) and make the changes directly to your listing, or call our helpful support team to do it for you.

What areas do you cover?

At the moment we're operating in the Cape Town, but we'll be moving into other regions soon.

Can I choose my own attorney?  

Yes - we can advise you if you'd like a recommendation (we work with a number of professional law firms who are held to the highest standards of service), but you're more than welcome to choose your own attorneys.

How is it possible to sell property for a fixed fee?

At, we've made the process of buying and selling property more efficient. We have a centralised team comprising property and legal experts and admin and media staff, so that we aren't giving one estate agent all the daily tasks involved with selling a property. And wherever we can, we've added technology to streamline the process further.

We know exactly what it costs us to sell a property, and we can do it all within our fixed fee and pass the savings onto you.

Can someone come and see me to explain the concept? 

Absolutely - we'll get one of our area specialists to pop by and answer any questions you might have. It's also possible to do this over the phone if that works better for you.

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