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Eazi.com provides a convenient and secure way to sell your home at a fraction of the price charged by traditional estate agents.

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List your property on the site immediately, or one of our consultants can call or visit you to answer your questions. Whichever you prefer.
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When you're ready, we schedule professional photography and drone imaging.
We then assign an expert team to assist you every step of the way until your property is sold.
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We set up your listing on eazi.com and popular sites like Property24 and Private Property.
Our marketing experts ensure your property gets maximum exposure to millions of potential buyers on these sites and on Google, in social media and print.
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Verified buyers can schedule viewings online or through our consultants at a time that works best for you.
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Our unique 24/7 online offer system delivers competitive offers for your property. This along with our low transaction fee means you get the most cash out of the sale.
Our legal team then handles the process all the way to transfer.
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Managed to close a deal after just one viewing, four days after our first meeting!

Francesca sold my flat in the Southern Suburbs a few weeks ago, and I am still humbled by her efficiency, humility and admirable work ethic. She literally managed to close a deal after just one viewing, four days after our first meeting!
I had been postponing and wondering about the sale for months, and sadly had a few unsavoury encounters with realtors which made me very hesitant.
Francesca made the journey very smooth and comfortable, and considered all the concerns and hang-ups I had. I enjoyed her sensitive yet decisive manner. It made it easy, because I knew I could let her handle the whole process.

I received 5 offers, sold within 5 days, and saved R80 000!

The whole process was very, very easy - I saved R80,000 and I'm going to use the money to go on a fat holiday!
I saw the ad talking about the new concept of selling and buying property. I phoned them and immediately action was taken to implement the way forward, in no time my house was advertised in all major media and I got the offer I wanted.
The eazi.com team took care of absolutely everything for me, from start to finish, and kept me fully updated throughout the process.

I could not even think of one negative using eazi.com!

I have always sold property privately and did so for a reason, I just didn't trust agents. But eazi.com have something different: they actually care about clients and clearly understand that their business cannot run without us.
From day one, every decision was my own and I never felt under pressure. Even excluding the above, they are so mod con, I'm talking virtual tours, drones, a complete online experience and only show days if you want it. You save time and money: what a cool experience.

Dr Dineo
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