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Why should I buy through 

We looked at the way properties are currently bought and sold and have made the entire process more transparent, convenient and efficient:

Sellers Prefer Eazi Offers. Because we only charge a flat fee starting from R 33,000 (incl. VAT), instead of the normal agents commission which can be as much as 7,5% Excl VAT, more of your money is going to the seller and not the estate agent, making your offer that much more appealing.
If another buyer is making a competitive offer through a different estate agent, Eazi gives you a massive advantage. This really helps when more than one person wants the same house!!

Location Location Location! All our properties are mapped, so you know exactly where they are without having to get in touch. 

Know What You are Buying. Each owner completes a thorough condition report stating the condition of the property and detailing any defects or issues you should be aware of, so there are no nasty surprises at transfer time.
This also allows you to adjust your offer (for example, the offer price or any terms you'd like to add) accordingly.

Make an Offer 24/7, Online. Once you've decided on the amount, you can make your offer online any time that suits you.
You can also see other offers that were made on the property to compare your offer.
The seller can accept /reject and message you as soon as they've reached a decision, so you know straight away and can react immediately.

How do viewings work?

When you see a property you like on our site, you can you can get in touch with the listing's agent and schedule a viewing at a time convenient for you. 

Safety is a priority, so we do ask you to provide a valid  email address, cell phone number and photo of yourself before you can view. All of this you can do straight away online using just your smartphone.

How do I make an offer on

The process takes only a few minutes from start to finish. Go to the property you want to buy and enter the amount you wish to offer in the "Make An Offer" box. You'll then be led through a 3 step process to detail the terms of your offer. 

We will ask you to verify your identity using your cell number and email address as well as a copy of your ID or driver's license. Again, all of this can be accomplished easily using just your smartphone. You only ever need do this once, even if you decide to make other offers for Eazi properties.

Once we've got your offer details, the seller is automatically notified via email & SMS and can log in to view the terms you have specified. If the seller approves, he/she accepts at the click of a button. If not, they can either decline, counter-offer and/or message you directly.

How many offers can I make at once?

You can only make one offer on Eazi at a time. Once the seller accepts or declines your offer or it expires, you can make another on the same or other properties.

Can I change my offer once I've submitted it?

You can improve your offer at any time until it expires. This is useful for example, if you wish to make a counter-offer.

What happens if someone else makes an offer on the property?

If someone else makes an offer before your offer has been accepted by the seller, you'll be advised that another offer has come in. You'll have the opportunity to up your offer if you wish. 

When does my offer expire?

You can choose how long your offer will be open for - between 4 and 14 days (the norm is 4). It expires at midnight on the final day.   

Can I make an offer if my current home has not yet been sold?

Yes you can. When you're entering the terms of your offer, just be sure to specify the sale of your current home under the "Prior Sales" section.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

A deposit is not necessary to make an offer. It is however an important factor when applying for a home loan. The larger the deposit you put down, the more likely you are to be awarded a home loan. Sellers are aware of this. So if there is more than one offer and all things are equal, they will usually choose an offer with a larger deposit.

What happens once my offer has been accepted?

We manage the whole process from there for you, right through to transfer. Our legal team will take over and keep you informed every step of the way, with support and communication whenever you need it.

What happens to my deposit? 

Your deposit is paid into the attorney's trust account until transfer, at which time it is paid to the seller.

What is the condition report?

A unique feature of Eazi listings: sellers confirm upfront what condition their property is in. The condition report is detailed at the bottom of the property's page.  It details everything from plumbing & electrical defects to boundary disputes,  unapproved building plans, body corporate issues etc. 

The condition report is also a heads-up for you when you go to view the property and can provide additional considerations when it comes to making an offer. The condition report forms part of the Offer to Purchase documentation.

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How long do I have to get a finance?

You can choose anything from 2- 5 weeks, but we recommend 3 weeks which should be more than enough time. Most of the time taken in the bond application process is normally gathering the required information (e.g. bank statements). The actual decision is quite quick.

Can you assist me to get finance? 

Yes, we can assist you with the process. A consultant will collect the necessary information and distribute it across the lenders (including all the major banks) to get you the best possible deal. You can choose which offer is best, or none at all - it's up to you.

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