Lee-Anne Pritchard
Lee-Anne is a member of Club36 - our elite agents who sell at least 36 homes / year.
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R 2,686,260
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Most sales by Lee-Anne achieved over 99.5% of the asking price.
Lee-Anne sells a lot of homes, on average over 3 per month over the last 12 months.
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FFC number: 1232144
NQF 4 in Real Estate, NSC in Business Studies
Rookie of the Year Award 2022
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Lee-Anne Pritchard has had a diverse career; after attaining her NSC in Business Studies, Lee-Anne began her career in sales, managing a local wine store in the Uk. After that, Lee-Anne returned to South Africa, working in the Immigration sector for over five years. Lee-Anne joined Eazi in 2020, getting to know the ins and outs of the business in an administrative role. She completed her NQF 4 in Real Estate and started her true calling as a real estate agent working in Somerset West and Strand area in 2021.
Lee-Anne enjoys connecting, meeting people, and helping them find their dream homes. Lee-Anne is busy completing her qualifications to become a full-status agent. She works in a team with Sarah Walton, a full-status agent with more than six years of experience.
Lee-Anne is registered with the PPRA.

Recent Sales

  • Achieved 98.5% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 17,492
  • Read Review
R 975,000Heritage Park
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 39,333
R 1,599,000Fairview Golf Estate
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 39,386
  • Sold in only 1 days
  • Read Review
R 1,599,900Rome
  • Commission saved: R 95,120
R 4,350,000Sir Lowrys Pass
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 42,341
  • Sold in only 4 days
  • Read Review
R 1,650,000Fairview Golf Estate
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 4,361
  • Read Review
R 755,000Eersterivier Industria
  • Achieved 95.2% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 50,481
  • Read Review
R 1,550,000Heritage Park
  • Achieved 97.6% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 322,725
R 8,900,000Somerset West Central
  • Achieved 95.1% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 126,395
  • Sold in only 1 days
R 3,680,000Kelderhof Country Village
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 50,011
  • Read Review
R 1,780,000Somerset West Central
  • Achieved 98.5% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 44,996
R 1,720,000Heritage Park
  • Achieved 96.9% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 36,068
R 1,290,000Van Der Stel
  • Commission saved: R 42,153
R 1,495,000Gordons Bay
  • Achieved 99.2% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 37,990
R 1,290,000Fairview Golf Estate
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 119,248
R 3,370,000Mountainside
  • Achieved 98.6% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 65,939
  • Sold in only 12 days
R 2,080,000Dobson
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 87,840
R 3,850,000Somerset West Central
  • Achieved 95.4% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 102,399
  • Read Review
R 4,350,000Mountainside
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 87,840
  • Sold in only 4 days
R 3,850,000Steynsrust
  • Achieved 99.6% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 36,389
  • Read Review
R 1,260,000Strand Central
  • Achieved 99.2% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 41,527
  • Sold in only 11 days
  • Read Review
R 1,650,000Fairview Golf Estate
  • Sold for MORE than Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 29,663
  • Read Review
R 1,050,000Anchorage Park
  • Sold for FULL Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 88,811
  • Sold in only 5 days
R 3,870,000Helena Heights
  • Achieved 97.3% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 39,686
R 1,650,000Gordons Bay
  • Sold for MORE than Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 91,307
  • Sold in only 7 days
  • Read Review
R 2,475,000Fairview Golf Estate
  • Achieved 96.3% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 39,271
R 1,350,000Fairview Golf Estate
  • Achieved 97.6% of Asking Price
  • Commission saved: R 4,681
  • Read Review
R 779,000Strand Central
  • Commission saved: R 102,757
  • Read Review
R 3,266,000Mountainside
  • Commission saved: R 26,460
  • Read Review
R 1,200,000Van Der Stel
  • Commission saved: R 26,460
R 1,200,000Van Der Stel


on Hellopeter
Colin, 1 Sep
Dream Service
Fast, efficient and friendly service. Will definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to become a home owner
on Hellopeter
Cornelis, 24 Aug
Property Sold
Dear Eazi Real estate , Thank you so much for helping us sell our home. We were blown away by your knowledge and talent for negotiation and we couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out. And also a Big thanks to Lee Anne and don't forget the photographer Gerard that did a amazing job Thanks
on Hellopeter
Nadeem, 15 Aug
Eazi Real Estate (digital)
We had two appointments. Both on time and good interaction and knowledge. What blew me away was their digital OTP system. We made an offer and it was provisionally accepted until the contract was drawn. That digital process was less than 2 hours.
on Hellopeter
Clayton, 13 Aug
Eazi Real Estate - Simply the best
The entire team was great to deal with. Knowledgeable and professional throughout our sale.
on Hellopeter
Brian, 11 Aug
Efficient Process
Process was smooth and there was always communication from the agent
on Hellopeter
Jaques, 28 Jun
Professional, Transparent, and Highly Recommended Platform
I recently had the pleasure of using Eazi Real Estate for selling my property, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, easy-to-use platform, and transparent approach. From start to finish, my experience with Eazi Real Estate has been nothing short of exceptional. First and foremost, their professionalism shines through in every aspect of their... Read More service. The entire team exudes a high level of expertise and knowledge, making me feel confident in their ability to assist me in finding the perfect property. Their attention to detail and dedication to providing top-notch service truly set them apart. The platform itself is incredibly user-friendly, making it a breeze to navigate and find exactly what I was looking for. Whether I was browsing through property listings or managing my inquiries, Eazi Real Estate's platform made the entire process seamless and efficient. Transparency is a core value of Eazi Real Estate, and it was evident throughout my interaction with them. Every step of the way, they provided clear and concise information about the properties, including detailed descriptions, high-quality photographs, and accurate pricing. I appreciated their commitment to ensuring that I had all the necessary information to make informed decisions. One aspect that truly stood out to me was their prompt response to my queries and questions. Eazi Real Estate's team was incredibly responsive, addressing my concerns in a timely and efficient manner. Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident as they went above and beyond to provide thorough and helpful answers. I felt supported throughout the entire process, knowing that I could rely on their expertise and assistance. I highly recommend Eazi Real Estate. They understand the importance of capturing properties in the best possible light, and their photographers have a keen eye for detail. The high-quality photographs provided a realistic representation of each property, helping me envision myself in my future home. Another commendable aspect of Eazi Real Estate is their constant feedback throughout the entire process. They kept me informed at every stage, providing updates on property availability, arranging viewings, and offering insights on the local real estate market. Their dedication to keeping clients informed fosters a sense of trust and reliability. Finally, the fixed agency fee offered by Eazi Real Estate was a significant bonus and the main reason I chose to work with them. The transparent and straightforward fee structure made it easy for me to budget and plan accordingly. Knowing that there were no hidden costs or surprises along the way gave me peace of mind and added to the overall positive experience. In conclusion, Eazi Real Estate is an exceptional platform that ticks all the boxes. Their professionalism, user-friendly platform, transparency, prompt responses, and constant feedback make them a top choice for anyone in need of real estate services. I wholeheartedly recommend Eazi Real Estate to anyone seeking a seamless and efficient property search experience.
on Hellopeter
Graeme, 22 May
Easiest house purchase ever
These guys rock. They were so organised and efficient. And their rates will put you ahead of the pack.
on Google
Allizane, 11 Apr
Eazy to work with
Easy to work with, willing to meet you half way. Go the extra mile to keep you happy. This is not my first house that I buy so I have worked with other agents but their service was honestly exceptionally good.
on Hellopeter
Andrea, 29 Mar
Transparent & Helpful for 1st Time Buyers
Super Chuffed about this Property Company, EAZI has made our 1st Home Purchase a Blissful Experience!! From the start they were helpful in the viewing and process of placing our offer. What's Awesome is the transparency on their website, to be able to view other offers made on properties, this puts you in the front-line of acquiring your Dream Home easier:) The ladies that... Read More assisted in walking us through the process were amazing and really made this experience super pleasant, especially with OOBA working hand in hand with their team! We are now mere signatories away from moving in to our Forever Home.(",)
on Hellopeter
Henriette, 22 Mar
Best Real Estate - Eazi Real Estate.
I hereby want to give my gratitude to Eazi Real Estate. and Lee-Ann for outstanding and professional service. A Real Estate company of note for a fraction of the cost. The low fixed fees had me sold on the get-go, but I received a lot more than just a lower fee cost. I was really impressed with the professional photographer, the photos was absolutely beautiful, my house was a... Read More sure standout on the property platforms due to the beautiful photos. Eazi Real Estate. is on top of the latest technology with their eazy online transparent platform, it gave me as a seller full access to all information and offers with just a push of a button on my phone. Really impressive. Lee-Anne was very professional, she went above and beyond to ensure that I was well informed and taken care-off during this exiting journey in my life. She really is a delight to work with, she brings the joy and sunshine in the whole process. It was an absolute pleasure to sell my house through Eazi Real Estate. and I will recommend them to all my friends and to any one I may meet in future. Hats off to Eazi Real Estate.
on Hellopeter
Vichi, 10 Mar
Eazi sale of property
It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Lee-Anne, Sarah and Mariska of Eazi Real Estate. My house sold within 5 days and I was always kept well informed throughout the process. We need more Estate agents like this, who are willing go the extra mile like Lee-Anne did to ensure that deal went of smoothly and without fuss. An estate agent who is more concerned with you as... Read More a client rather than the commission is something to admire in this day and age.
on Hellopeter
Rosemarie, 15 Feb
Great Service and Professionalism
My agent Lee-anne was extremely helpful and did everything possible to ensure that my property was sold in a timely fashion. She was professional, friendly, and above all, continued to market my property and give me timely feedback after each viewing. The whole experience with Eazi Real Estates is very simple from start to finish and is a great concept when buying or selling... Read More your property. I recommend this company wholeheartedly.
on Hellopeter
Andre, 14 Feb
Andre Cloete
People I like and trust. Honest, reliable and professional. They do what they say they will do.
on Hellopeter
Aletta, 14 Feb
Excellent Service
What a pleasure to work with such professional, friendly and efficient agents
on Hellopeter
Judith, 30 Jan
Sale of my property
Seamless process, professional and very efficient
on Google
Jaco Van Eeden, 25 Jan
The eazi way is the only way.
The Eazi way is the only way. They are quick, helpful, professional and very good at what they do. Sold my house in 4 days for more than the asking price. Lee-ann is the best agent I have ever dealt with you cannot go wrong having her on your side. She made the selling process easy, stress free and fun.
on Google
Jaques Louw, 10 Jan
Lee-Anne was a pleasure to work with
Lee-Ann was a pleasure to work with, professional to the tee. She went the extra mile to get me my forever home. Thanks Lee-Ann for even organizing a meet and greet with the neighbours after i move in on the weekend. This kind of passion and service is rarely seen from estate agents in the cape.. I can highly recommend her and Eazi Real Estate.
on Trustpilot
Jaco van Eeden, 14 Dec
The Eazi way is the only way
I would like to congratulate Eazi on a fantastic job. They truly are the best at what they do. Eazi exceeded all of my expectations. They were quick, efficient and helpful. Lee-Ann and Sarah is excellent and I will recommend them to anyone. The old way of selling houses is dead. The Eazi way is the only way.
on Hellopeter
Matthew, 16 Aug
Awesome service throughout! Highly recommended! Well done Lee-Anne, Brynne and thank you to Charmaine Isaacs for the referral.
on Hellopeter
Charles A, 28 Jul
I would like to write a review about Eazi Real estate
I would like to write a review about Eazi Real estate. What a pleasure dealing with Lee-Anne she is very professional and kept me in the loop with no surprises I will recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their property.
on Hellopeter
Monwabisi N, 10 Jun
Realty made Easy
Realty made easy is an understatement. They give meaning to the phrase 'team client'. Thank you guys, proffesional and efficient all at once.
on Hellopeter
Genevieve, 28 May
Thank you!
Selling our house is a big deal and we wanted someone that was going to have our back, would recognize the magnitude of selling your first family home and who would gently guide us through the process. Eazy was recommended after two unsuccessful attempts of finding such an agent. I contacted them via Facebook and within 24hours I had a response and was contacted by an agent.... Read More From the first meeting I felt comfortable with Lee-Anne and knew that she would tick all our boxes. All communication was clear and easy, the process a pleasure to follow. She guided us through what would be required for the photos, assisted me on the day and even brought her pot plants and some decor - talk about going the extra mile! She has such a passion for her work and connection with her clients. The photos were fantastic and captured the character of our home so beautifully, despite it being a cold and raining day! We really appreciated just having the one viewing day, it helped keeping life semi normal and made it much easier for us who work full day. The online offer system and having the dashboard helped us see the interest and added to the the positive experience of selling our home. It also gives the seller more ability to interact with the sale and for transparency. With the bidding process we were able to reach a slightly better selling price which is super! Also great to be able to see all the different offers and profiles of the potential buyers so that one can choose a buyer that would suit the home and neighbourhood. Eazy fees are so affordable and the team really do go over and beyond, so you don`t feel that you are paying a small fortune to get your home sold! They have really made this so easy, excuse the pun ;-) ! I would most definitely recommend their services!
on Facebook
Lungz, 18 Mar
Lee-Anne Pritchard has made my experience of Eazi Real Estate incredible.
Lee-Anne Pritchard has made my experience of Eazi Real Estate incredible. She is attentive, clear and a genuinely kind person; consistently reassuring me and made the process enjoyable as opposed to daunting. Her colleague, Brynne Campbell, was equally professional and friendly. I'm grateful to Eazi Real Estate and wouldn't hesitate to work with you in future.

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